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our horses
and me

We currently have three rental horses of different Breeds, Weight Classes & Minds. Two others are currently in training. They are all reliable and safe on terrain, but they are not horses that run after each other mindlessly. You have to “ride” them.

Have you never sat on a horse or had a riding lesson? Then unfortunately my horses and rides are not suitable for you.

We ride in a western saddle and without bits.

The horses live in a small herd in an open stable, with direct access to the hillside paddock. As a result, they generally have a good basic condition and are sure-footed. Sometimes it is completely “breaded” and cleaning can take a little longer.
We saddle the horses for our riding guests.  The background is that we can be sure that the saddle lies properly and everything is properly buckled, etc.
For our rental horses we have limited the rider weight including luggage to 90kg.

Rental horse
Rental horse
Rental horse in training
Rental horse in training
Nadine Spee
My heart's horse
Rental horse
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