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On the following pages you will find out more about the rides I offer.
Whether you are new to trail riding or an experienced trail rider. Whether with your own horse or with one of our horses. Whether day rides or multi-day tours. I offer pre-planned guided tours, or you can just stay overnight here and set off on your own.  With us you will definitely find something that suits you.

We have a varied terrain. Various forests, meadows, heathland landscapes. lovely valleys and great viewpoints. Castles, ruins and palaces. Simple ways and also exciting & challenging paths. Altitude training is no problem either. We are also welcome to go “climbing”.

Our rides are only suitable for people with riding experience - not "non-riders". You have to be safe on the horse in all basic gaits. We have a
Maximum rider weight of 90kg (including luggage) is set.

If you take part with your own horse: it should  Be sufficiently trained for the respective ride. The elevation gain we gain during a ride should not be underestimated.

Good horse experience and   Riding experience in the field is important. Good "seat meat" and good condition to trot longer distances or even walk on his own.

If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please ask me about it.

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